Memorial Day Decorations: 18 Best Ideas & Games

by Sarah-Jayne Phelphs

Are you looking for simple yet creative patriotic decorations for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend 2021?

Don’t count out Independence Day and Veterans Day, as they are too just a few months ahead!

All these wonderful patriotic holidays are a great reason to get together and honor the memory of those who have fought and given their all so that we can live peacefully and enjoy the freedoms we have.

That’s why all of these holidays require proper decorations themed in red, white, and blue and, of course, stars and stripes.

As I'm sure few people would prefer spending considerable amounts of money (and time!) decorating their homes for each of these holidays, it’s always a great idea to come up with some DIY decorations that can work great for all three of them.

So how do you decorate for Memorial Day?

Now, while a simple gathering with delicious food might certainly be good enough for some, one thing I always keep in mind during any party is keeping my guests and family cheerful and entertained.

That’s why I also included some fun outdoor games that everyone will have a blast playing during Memorial Day.

So here are 18 Most Spectacular Memorial Day Decorations and Games for a memorable and festive weekend!

Let’s go!

Table of Contents

1. Clothespin Wreath
2. Patriotic String Lights Yard Decor
3. Tank Tops To Keep Your Cool
4. American Flag Mason Jars
5. Jar Lamp Driveway Illumination
6. Holiday-Hued Plaid Tablecloth
7. Blue Vases Table Decoration
8. Patriotic Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

9. Tissue Fans Decoration
10. Lawn Star Decor
11. Paper Chains Fence Decor
12. American Flag Beer Pong Table
13. Patriotic Jenga
14. US Flag Metal Buckets with Flowers
15. Vibrant Dishes
16. Bandana Table Runner
17. DIY Patriotic Lollipop Centerpiece
18. Flags!

1. Hang a Clothespin Wreath

American flag clothespin wreath

Image Source Pinterest

The perfect way to greet your guests and welcome them into your home!

And, unlike its green counterparts, this wreath doesn’t wither, so you can keep it as your door decoration for all three patriotic celebrations!

You will need a 12 inch wreath frame, two 50-packs of clothespins (a total of 60-100 clothespins depending on their size), acrylic or spray paint, foam stars and a properly sized paint brush, of course.

2. Decorate Your Yard with Patriotic String Lights

Patriotic String Lights

Image Source Pinterest

Another great DIY idea for the upcoming festivities is to make beautiful string lights resembling decorative rattan balls as shown in this eHow tutorial.

These vivid and easy to make string lights will brighten up your backyard and cheer everyone up.

Use small balloons of the desired size to shape the ball and dip blue, red, or white yarn into glue to make the yarn balls. Let them harden for 48 hours, pop the balloons, and insert string lights inside.

Voila! This wasn’t hard at all, was it?

Use these rattan ball string lights for any of the three patriotic holidays or even Christmas!

3. Tank Tops to Keep Your Cool

4th of July Tanks

When it's hot outside, wearing a heavy cotton t-shirt may cause you to melt like a popsicle. A much better idea would be to wear a lightweight and breathable tank top, preferably with a patriotic design.

Here's one that fits both of these purposes.

This lightweight unisex cut tank featuring the United States outline in the flag colors will keep yourself cool and ventilated letting you enjoy the barbecue (and the breeze.)

Don't forget your sunscreen!

4. American Flag Mason Jars

American Flag Mason Jars

Image Source Pinterest

Having been around for so many years, these jars remain so popular because they look great and are easy to make, especially as a DIY project for kids. Just take your regular pint size mason jars and paint stars and stripes on them.

They also make for spectacular centerpieces or you can use them as creative flatware holders.

5. Illuminate the Driveway with Red, White, and Blue Mason Jar Lamps

Jar Lamp Driveway Illumination

Image Source Pinterest

This draws upon the previous point and even takes it a step further by introducing flameless candles that will serve as perfect flag spotlights after the sun goes down.

However, here you will need your jars to be transparent, so rather than painting them, use some tissue paper to line glass jars from the inside.

And don’t forget to ask your kids for help, as they will love it!

6. Go for Blue-White or Red-White Plaid as Your Tablecloth Choice

Patriotic Red Plaid Tablecloth

Image Source Pinterest

The material it is made of (also known as gingham or buffalo check) will set the perfect foundation for your festive table setting regardless of whether the celebrations are to take part indoors or outdoors.

7. Line the Table with Blue Vases

Patriotic blue vases

Image Source Pinterest

Just combine them with fresh holiday-hued flowers, and collect compliments to your taste all Memorial Day long.

Or think about using these vibrant dark blue vases as flag stands, another staple of pretty much any patriotic celebration.

8. Patriotic Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Patriotic Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Image Source Landeelu

Your kids will love working on this one!

Just give them enough blue, white, and red tissue paper, and let them get crafty by cutting it into thin bands, then tying them with string and ribboning together.

This is a super cheap DIY project that anyone can make extremely quickly, especially with the use of the right tools!

9. Decorate Your Home with Tissue Fans

Patriotic Tissue Fans Decorations

Image Source Pinterest

These handy colorful paper fans are ideal for decorating pretty much any place and are easy to make!

Hang them around your patio, dining room, or from the hedge to create an inviting and cheerful atmosphere.

You can even use the American flag design to lay out subtle patriotic accents all over the place!

10. Paint Your Lawn with Stars (No Stripes This Time!)

Lawn Star Decor

Image Source Pinterest

When it comes to outdoor decorations, you want to think massive.

So here’s another fantastic way to set the proper patriotic mood in your back or front yard!

Using spare cardboard, you and your children could easily make your own stencil, and then paint the grass with grass-friendly spray paint to make blue, red, and white stars on it.

You can even go a little further and (provided your lawn is big enough or just using a small stencil) paint all fifty stars! This is what I call patriotic!

And yes, grass-friendly paint is a real thing and you can actually find it in most hardware stores nowadays. It is commonly used to paint lines on sports fields, but who said you can’t get a little creative?

Just look for paint that is said to be harmless for grass.

11. Embellish Your Fence with Paper Chains

Paper Chains Fence Decor

Image Source Pinterest

For a very simple idea like this, the visual effect is massive!

While it obviously works great on a white fence or deck railing, for other colors just mix in some white chains and you’re good to go!

12. American Flag Beer Pong Table

Patriotic Beer Pong Table

Image Source Mr. Kate

Construct your own national flag-themed beer pong table and give the old game a shot.

This one is actually very simple to make, especially when you've got the right tool set, and will certainly become a staple of your patriotic party, so get your bottoms up!

Don’t forget about beer pong balls and paddles, and party cups!

13. Patriotic Jenga

Giant Patriotic Jenga

Image Source Pinterest

While Jenga is lots of fun to play by itself, why limit yourself to its standard version on such an important patriotic holiday?

Go for the giant patriotic one and have a ball!

You can either make it yourself (this will make for a great DIY project to pass some time until the fun begins), or just buy the giant version and the sides blue, red, and white.

For those of you crafty people who always go one step further, consider giving your giant Jenga a truth or dare mod.

Just write funny questions on the blocks to max out the fun, so that anytime someone pulls out a block they would be faced with a choice of either answering honestly or performing a dare!

14. American Flag Metal Buckets Decorated with Red and White Flowers

American Flag Metal Buckets with Flowers

Image Source Amazon

This uber patriotic decoration makes for an excellent welcome to all of your guests and creates the perfect backdrop for the Memorial Day celebration.

Just get some small metal buckets, make a star stencil out of cardboard and use paint and use some painter’s tape for the stripes.

You and your kids will certainly love making this simple decoration and will use it for many years to come for all three patriotic holidays.

15. Get Creative with Food Colors

Patriotic meals

Image Source Pinterest

You can certainly impress your guests by presenting your food in the colors of the national flag.

Take tomatoes or strawberries for red, blueberries or M&Ms for blue, and sour cream or whole wheat bread for white.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and remember that creativity is intelligence having fun.

16. Decorate Your Table with a Bandana Table Runner

Patriotic Bandana Table Runner

Image Source Pinterest

You will hardly find anything as simple as a bandana table runner yet so spectacular. No prep or sewing, just take some blue, red, and white bandanas and throw them onto a table.

You and your guests will love this easy to make DIY decoration!

17. DIY Patriotic Lollipop Centerpiece

DIY Patriotic Lollipop Centerpiece

Image Source Gluesticks

From your kids to grandparents, everyone will love this one!

Just buy a metal bucket, Styrofoam ball, and lollipops in bulk at a nearby variety store or online and stick all the lollipops into the ball.

This is one of the quickest ideas to make, not to mention one of the tastiest!

18. And last, but certainly not least… the flags!

Small American Flags

Image Source Pinterest

The American flag is a great symbol of the freedoms that so many of us enjoy today and for which our Veterans fought bravely.

So you really couldn’t go over-the-top with flags, so get them in bulk and place everywhere and anywhere.


These are 18 patriotic Memorial Day decorations and games that will help you set up an unforgettable Memorial Day 2021 party!

Whether you choose to buy them or make them yourself or together with your kids, we are here to help you with whatever supplies you might need.

Which of them will you try this year? Please share and let me know by leaving a comment below!

Have a happy (and safe!) Memorial Day!

P.S. If you enjoyed every bit of this write-up and wish to thank us for all the effort it took us to prepare it, as well as if you believe in sharing good things with the world, we'd love a mention of it on your website or blog as a small gesture of appreciation! Thanks!

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