8 Gifts For Violinists That Will Make Them Tunefully Happy

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Did you come here looking for the perfect holiday or birthday gift for the violin player in your life? Violin players or violinists, as they often call themselves, are known to be somewhat picky when it comes to gifts. This means you’ve made the right decision to do some research.

No matter what genre your violin player likes to play (classical, rock, country, etc.), they all share a deep love for their instrument, the magnificent violin.

Luckily, there’s a lot of gifts that can make them feel really pleased. We’ll avoid mentioning generic things like strings and tuners, because hey, they can buy these things themselves, right? Instead, we’ll focus on more of original, novelty gifts for violinists.

But first, let us lay down some history for context, just so that you can spruce up your gift with a few violin facts.

When was the violin invented?

When was the violin invented?

The violin, as we know it today, has a long history behind it, and hasn’t always been the way it is now. One of its predecessors, an ancient instrument named the lira, was used in Europe as early as the 9th century. You can also notice the influence on the modern violin of such instruments as the Arabian rebec and Spanish rabab.

It is commonly agreed that the first modern violin was invented by Andrea Amati, a lute builder and luthier from Cremona, a city in northern Italy. His first violins were three string and he made at least two of them in the 1540s.

Almost a decade later, the wealthy Medici family paid him to build one of the first four-string violins ever.

What are the best gifts for a violin player?

There are many good options. However, let’s make it straight first – unlike other guides suggest, you won’t find generic ones, like new strings here. This is because violin players can buy strings and rosin on their own (and importantly they know which one they prefer), and yes, they do have a tuner.

So to the original ones! As you’ve come here looking for gifts for violinists that can actually make the gift receiver happy and surprised, we need to think beyond regular.

Let us begin.

1. Violin Mug

Gifts for Violin Players - Violin Mug
Violin Mug

Believe it or not, something as simple as a mug can be a great gift! That is when it has musical notes printed all over it and has the handle shaped like a violin.

Your musician friend will surely enjoy drinking their morning coffee or tea from a violin mug like that!

2. Mini Violin Replica

We all love to surround ourselves with little items that remind us of our passion. Likewise, a violinist doesn’t play their instrument all the time, yet they surely think about it most of it!

Just imagine how happy they would be to have a miniature violin replica standing on their bedside table or hanging under the rearview mirror of their car!

Sounds good? Because it is!

3. Violin Picture Frame

With all the mobile devices with powerful cameras we’re surrounded with today, there is a growing tendency towards having real tangible pictures in frames, just like in the old days.

With that being said, your violinist friend will surely love to have a picture frame that has the shape of a real violin! Look, any picture would look beautiful in it. Especially the one that was taken with a powerful smartphone camera.

4. Violin Necklace

Violin necklace Violin Necklace

Lady violin players will especially love this. A beautiful violin necklace is a great way to show your passion for the instrument and will complement both a gorgeous evening dress and a simple t-shirt.

Elegant and lightweight, it will become your violinist’s favorite jewelry piece.

Pro tip: You can also add a matching pair of violin earrings to supercharge your gift.

5. Mechanical Metronome

Nearly every musician likes these old-style mechanical devices that have been in use since long before first smartphone metronomes came out.

This mechanical metronome is great for practicing your play to different tempos and has a pleasant ticking sound. It also supports odd time signatures, in which a lot of classical and modern pieces are written.

All of the above makes it one of the best gifts for violinists ever!

6. Violin Cufflinks

Just look how beautiful these violin cufflinks are! Violinists love these – and there’s a couple of reasons why.

First, they allow you to add some flare to any formal stage attire. They also do very well as a conversation starter at any music event.

Besides, who doesn’t love a nice looking pair of cufflinks? Overall, another great gift for a violinist.

7. Stradivari's Genius

This is a captivating read for any violinist. It tells the fascinating story of Antonio Stradivari, a legendary violin-maker from Cremona, Italy, who has made over a thousand stringed instruments over the course of his prolific career.

The book also traces the multilayered stories of six of his unequaled creations, five violins and a cello that survive to this day.

8. Electric (Silent) Violin

To stay in shape, violinists need to practice a lot. Unfortunately, they cannot always do it anywhere, because this would be disturbing to other people.

An electric violin is a great solution to this problem, as it is fairly silent when not connected to an amp. And when it is played through an amp, the player has the option of using headphones, which also works perfectly well for late-night practice at home.

What should I get my violinist for Christmas?

Any of these gifts! Yes, you can get absolutely any of these gifts for your violinist this festive season, as all of them are perfectly fitted for Christmas.

Pro tip: Consider making a 5 senses gift for your violinist. A 5 senses gift is one that appeals to all five senses of the recipient, i.e., touch, smell, vision, hearing, and taste.

Need more gifts for violin players?

Gifts for violinists - find them here!

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Knowing how you can be pressed for time when looking for a gift, we intentionally made this list short.

If you’re willing to do more research, consider this an invitation to browse our Gifts for Violinists department on your own!

That wraps it up! I hope you found something useful in this post. If you wish to thank me for the effort it took to prepare it, please share it in your social media and/or blog. Thank you!

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