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Makes good waves, use blow dryer for better effect!

These hair clips are very good for creating volume at the roots. I would recommend them for anyone who is struggling with natural volume of their hair.

Good for adding that bbbounce!

Bounce bounce BOUNCE!!! My perpetually flat hair says thanks!

Just got these two days ago. They work - finally getting that volume!!

These rollers are great and the size is perfect for me!

Instant Hair Volumizing Clips
Shawna Hutchinson (United States)
These clips pump it up!

I ordered these clips without really expecting much, and I need to say I was impressed with the end result! They won't make your hair healthier or anything, but they will make it look more voluminous and full at the roots. Great buy, I recommend.

I have short fine hair so I was concerned if this would work and I was relieved to find out that it does. The size of each thing is about 4 inches long and under 1 inch in diameter, which is enough to snap my curls around it.

Bought the black set. Quick delivery to Atlanta. Work as advertised.

Instant Hair Volumizing Clips
Ariana Jarvis (United States)
Hair pro here

As a hair professional, I was a little skeptical at first but decided to order these anyway - if anything I could write an honest review that will probably help someone. Clips were shipped the same day and came 3 days later in a USPS bubble mailer. After trying them multiple times, I can honestly say that while these won't 10x your hair volume, they certainly will add volume and pump at the roots. I prefer to use them when the hair is still a little wet after washing and then use a blowdryer until it is completely dry. Just clip at the roots and enjoy added volume. 5 out of 5

Instant Hair Volumizing Clips
Donna Wilson (United States)

I was so excited to receive these! They make hair look fuller and don't damage it like some other clips I used before.

2nd time buyer here

this is the 2nd time I'm buying this. after using it for 2 months and having seen tangible results, as in hair growing much slower, less shaving required, muuuch cheaper then visits to salon, I'm buying this for my bff. I hope, no I know she will like it!

IPL Hair Removal Handset
Bethany P. (United States)
Bye-bye 5 o'clock shadow!

Been using it for 4 weeks now on the legs and skin feels much smoother and silkier. I don't have to shave as often as the hair growth visibly slowed down. So excited about this, I've been so tired of shaving every day as with my genetics I get that 5 o'clock shadow so fast!

Instant Hair Volumizing Clips
Nora Chanel (United States)
Good packaging, easy to use

The clips are good quality, easy to use and come with directions (it's like 4 simple steps and everything is shown on pictures). Satisfied, 5 stars.

Works as advertised, makes it easy to remove small pimples.

Excellent product, provides good support and relief.

Amazing how you can literally fit into into a pocket and then expand into a 5 something feet staff.

Loved it so much I bought a brown one for my dad too. It helps with my hips and lower back pain.

I'm currently learning to draw and this optical board has been very helpful. Thank you. Artie

It really fits in my pocket. 5 stars.

This is my new favorite bra! Just Beautiful.

Engraved Solar System Sphere
Chester N. (United States)
OK if you don't look too close

This is obviously only a representation. I understand that. However there are a few things that give me pause. 1. It is very hard to read the names, but the text is very small and my eyesight isn't what it used to be. 2. There is Way too much "stuff" above and below the ecliptic which probably contribute to #1. 3. Maybe the manufacturer was trying to be "up to date" by not including Pluto. OK, I'll give them that one. Pluto was redesignated to minor planet status but most grade school kids (and more than a few adults) know and love Pluto. But 4. Mars isn't even labeled. As an amateur astronomer I can be a bit nit picky but to not note a planet by it's name? That's disgraceful - just kidding!!
But other than the missing Mars' name it is a nice gift, if you don't look too close.

Ready to gift

The bear was gift ready, already in the box, just perfect!! My girlfriend loved the gift, thank you

24K Gold Dipped Rose
Rogerio H. (United States)
very good

fab gift, very good workmanship

Expanding 4 Photo Locket Necklace
Dave B. (United States)
Beautiful lockets

These things have been around, so not a new idea, but definitely great implementation! Ordered several lockets as a theme gift for relatives, amazing quality and so beautiful.