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  • 30 Best 5 Senses Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

    by Sarah P. • Published in Gift Ideas & Inspiration on • Updated on

    5 senses gift ideas are the latest (and I would also say, an absolutely brilliant) trend in gifting.

    And I honestly think that whoever came up with it is a genius read on to find out why!

    Also, in the end I'll be sharing a freebie, so be sure to read until the end! ❤️

    What Is A 5 Senses Gift?

    But what is a 5 senses gift to begin with? It’s not one gift as it may sound, but rather five different gifts that are meant for the five basic senses we all have: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.

    By giving your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or even a friend a 5 senses gift you’re stimulating all of their five senses individually, which makes the experience even more exciting and unforgettable for the recipient!

    Genius, isn’t it?

    And looking at it from the recipient’s perspective, what could be more pleasing to hear your loved one say, than…

    I Love You With All 5 Senses

    I Love You With All 5 Senses

    And with our 5 senses gift ideas you will definitely be able to say that!

    Be sure to read to the end of this post, as we actually have prepared a freebie for you that will make your gift even better!

    So, without any further ado, let us begin!

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Sight

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Sight

    Here are some gift ideas for the sense of sight.

    Tickets to a musical or play

    Watching a movie may sound boring, but going together to a musical or play is always a fresh and exciting idea!

    Go through the list of shows available at your local theater (be sure to read some reviews!) and get tickets to the one you like.

    Make sure the seats aren’t too far from the stage, so that you and your partner don’t have trouble with seeing what’s going on onstage!

    Night sky projector

    Night Sky Projector - 5 Senses Gifts
    Night Sky Projector

    What could create a better backdrop for a romantic date than a sky full of stars?

    No matter the weather outside, a night sky projector is an excellent way to transform any room into a star lit paradise.

    The best ones are those with a built-in Bluetooth speaker to further set the mood with your favorite songs played wirelessly from your phone.

    Sightseeing tour

    You may think that you know everything about the town you live in, but think again!

    Chances are your city has many sightseeing tours with beautiful sights that will take your breath right away!

    Check with your local tour agency websites for more information.

    Personalized bracelets

    I don’t know of a single person who wouldn’t like to receive a customized bracelet as a gift!

    Just make sure the print is meaningful to the person you’re giving it to.

    Or even better, buy couple bracelets with something that is important to both of you, so that they always remind you of a cherished moment or experience in your life.

    Photography classes

    As nearly every smartphone today has a high-end camera built into it, it’s really a shame to not know how to use it properly to capture the best moments of your life.

    So why not pay for a photography course for someone you love?

    Or even consider going together… everyone knows that great experiences bring us closer!

    Personalized crystal

    Now, this is something truly unique, a personalized piece of art that will capture the attention of anyone it is presented to and an amazing gift idea for the sense of sight!

    These beautiful crystals can have any picture etched in just for you with a laser! They can also come with an LED light-up base that makes your gift a mesmerizing night light.

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Touch

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Touch

    Here are some gift ideas for the sense of touch.

    Massage (or couple’s massage!)

    Name one person who doesn’t like a massage and I’ll tell you they never had a good one!

    Well, here’s a great opportunity – just get a massage gift card for the two of you and prepare to immerse yourselves into a chasm of pleasure.

    And if that sounds too poetic to you, I’ll put it another way – nothing beats a good massage for a sore body! Nothing.

    Cozy hooded blanket

    Blankets are fun. Everyone loves them as they are so good for snuggling up in the cold winter months.

    Now, the recent trend has been hooded blankets. These are just like your regular cozy fleece blankets but with a comfy hood at one side, so that you can completely hide yourself away from the world. Cozy on steroids, in a way, and a great gift idea for the sense of touch.

    Couple’s shirts

    These are quite common, but that doesn’t make them any less of a great gift.

    Couple’s shirts are an excellent idea for a couple to show their love for each other in a fun and romantic way!

    If you haven’t got any yet, then this may well be the moment to finally get… a couple.

    Socks with funny prints

    For something that we wear every day, socks are definitely the most overlooked item in our wardrobe.

    Yet, there are so many creative and funny socks designs that can make wearing them an actual statement! Besides, they are so cozy to wear…


    Some call this the experience of the lifetime and some hate even the slightest thought of it ( whuffos for the most part).

    Whichever the way you look at it, jumping out of an airplane together is a great bonding experience that you and your partner will remember for ages!

    And contrary to the popular opinion, it’s not that expensive with prices starting from $99 for a tandem jump. Blue skies!


    Having smooth skin and well-shaped nails on your hands is no longer a domain of women.

    Manicure is getting more and more unisex nowadays, which is just reasonable, if you think about it — because it is healthy.

    So no matter who you’re planning a gift for, manicure is one thing you should definitely consider!

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Sound

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Sound

    Here are some gift ideas for the sense of sound.

    Karaoke night

    What can be a better way to relieve the week’s stress than just let yourself go and sing some of your favorite songs in a karaoke bar?

    No matter how good of a singer you think you are, singing is well-known to be beneficial to your mental and physical health, so consider it a therapy, if anything!

    Write a love song or hire someone to do it for you

    Love songs and serenades have always been one of the most popular ways to show one’s love for someone.

    Beautiful music and touching lyrics easily melt hearts, so why not do it for your loved one?

    The best part is it turns out to be easier than it usually seems, at least according to this WikiHow tutorial !

    Wireless headphones

    The advent of AirPods has shown a new standard of audible comfort to the world, and the same is true for headphones.

    With wireless headphones, getting tangled in cable or rolling over it with your chair (gamers will relate to that!) will quickly become a thing of the past.

    Tickets to a concert

    Everyone has their favorite music bands and artists, and while you certainly can watch them on YouTube all day long, nothing beats the feeling you get at a live show!

    So why not buy tickets right now?

    Most bands are touring regularly, so chances are you’ll find some of your favorite musicians to have their shows planned in your area in the near future.

    Water-resistant portable speaker

    We all love a good party, so why not give your loved one an opportunity to carry the party around wherever they go?!

    Portable Bluetooth speakers are an excellent gift idea for the sense of sound as they are lightweight and provide uncompromising sound quality!

    Quick advice: If you have the budget, go for a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker to be able to safely use it by the pool!

    Audible Subscription

    Amazon Audible is an excellent audio book subscription service which offers you the convenience of listening to your favorite books on the go.

    Amazon has one of the largest book collections in the world, and you get them cheaper with the app.

    This is a great gift for a busy person and pretty much anyone interested in self-improvement.

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Taste

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Taste

    Here are some gift ideas for the sense of taste.

    Gift card to a restaurant

    Going to a restaurant for a romantic or friendly date is a great gift idea for the sense of taste.

    Just buy a gift card to your favorite place (or, alternatively, one you haven’t been to yet) and present it to your unsuspecting significant other in a neat envelope.

    Mini-treat bucket

    A mini-treat bucket… What I love about this DIY gift idea, is that it’s very simple and you can pretty much guarantee the person you’re making it for will love it (provided you know what they like!)

    Just take a small metal bucket and fill it up with their favorite treats. Trust me, you can’t go wrong here!

    A bottle of wine with a personalized label

    Now, if the person you’re choosing a gift for is a wine lover, there’s a whole uncharted territory lying ahead of you!

    One thing you can certainly do is get them a bottle of wine with a personalized label.

    Just use a memorable photo of you and your friend and give your wine a funny name. Perfect!

    Custom wine glasses

    Custom Wine Glasses - 5 Senses Gifts
    Custom Wine Tumblers

    Here’s another great 5 senses gift idea for a wine lover – an insulated wine tumbler !

    This is not your regular wine glass, but a sturdy metal flask that retains the temperature of the liquid inside.

    Everyone knows wine is best consumed cold – and this is just the perfect gift that allows anyone to do just that anytime & anywhere!

    Food & drink tour

    Almost any place has its own cuisine that locals are oftentimes completely unaware of. So here’s a great opportunity to fix this!

    Google “Food and drink tour” with the name of your city and chances are you’ll have quite a few options to choose from. Then just pick something that sounds the most mouth-watering and off you go! Bon appétit!

    Assorted chocolates

    If you’re choosing a gift for someone with a sweet tooth, then a box of assorted chocolates may be just what you’re looking for!

    It’s always a good idea to try something new, so if you’re not afraid to experiment, go for that cheese pizza or potato chips flavor.

    Or you can play it safe and pick something more classic, like the sweet and savory combo… or even a nice box of “regular” dark/milk chocolate!

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Smell

    5 Senses Gift Ideas For Smell

    Here are some gift ideas for the sense of smell.

    Flower farm tour

    What’s one of the most aromatic things in the world? FLOWERS!

    And there are actually a lot of flower farms out there, some of which offer tours for visitors. Most of them are quite affordable and cost around $50, which makes them another great 5 sense gift idea to try!

    Himalayan salt lamp

    Himalayan Salt Lamp - 5 Senses Gifts
    Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Chances are you’ve never even heard of these stones that possess vast healing powers. These ancient Himalayan salt lamps are known for their anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic effects and the boost they give to your concentration.

    True Himalayan salt lamps are made of ancient Himalayan salt that is believed to be millions of years old, which purifies and deodorizes air in the room.

    Each lamp has a unique shape and is an amazing (and somewhat esoteric) gift.

    Spa aromatherapy session

    Every now and then all of us need to get rid of the accumulated tension and stress.

    A spa aromatherapy session provides a very comforting way to do just that!

    During the session, an aromatherapist will provide you an aromatherapy massage with topical oil application and let you inhale oil through an aromatherapy treatment. This is an amazing procedure and you will certainly feel rejuvenated and refreshed after it!

    Incense burner

    Incense Burner - 5 Senses Gifts Mountain River Incense Burner

    It burns aromatic substances (that often come in the shape of cones) and lets the smoke float around in beautiful patterns.An incense burner is an absolute must-have when it comes to deep relaxation.

    Take a mountain river incense burner , for instance – and let your mind drift away with the soothing scent!

    Scented candles

    A classic staple of all gifts for the sense of smell, candles have come a long way since being invented by Ancient Egyptians in 3,000 B.C.

    Now they come in various shapes and scents and are absolutely indispensable when it comes to creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, hence making a great gift idea for the sense of smell.

    Car air freshener

    We spend a lot of time in our cars nowadays, constantly surrounded by traffic, fumes, and honking vehicles.

    In this highly stressful environment, a pleasant smelling car air freshener definitely helps with relieving the stress.

    This 5 senses gift idea may not be the most original one, but undoubtedly makes a lot of practical sense.

    How To Make A 5 Senses Gift?

    How To Make A 5 Senses Gift?

    Actually, it’s not as hard as it may sound! In order to make a 5 senses gift, you need to buy or make gifts that appeal to all the five senses listed above, i.e. sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell.

    So you can basically have 5 things for each of the senses as opposed to having to come up with one item that would satisfy all of these (now that would be hard!)

    I hope you’ve got something useful out of this article! Do you wish to thank me for the effort it took to prepare it? It would make my day if you could repost this article to your social media (just use the sharing buttons below) or blog. Thank you!

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