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  • Humidifiers

    Cactus Humidifier Lamp
    $34.99 List: $35.99
    Only 9 left
    Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser
    $47.99 List: $49.99
    Cool Mist Lotus Diffusers
    Only 3 left
    Wireless Phone Charger & Fog/Mist Humidifier
    $94.95 List: $97.99
    Only 6 left
    Portable & Silent Air Humidifier
    $27.99 List: $28.99
    Portable 2 in 1 Mini Fan Humidifier
    $22.95 List: $23.39
    Only 7 left
    Color Changing Bulb Humidifier Night Light
    Only 3 left
    3D Glass Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser
    $70.95 List: $73.79
    3D Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser
    $62.99 List: $63.99
    Only 1 left
    Double Spray Projection Humidifier
    $66.99 List: $69.99
    Only 4 left
    Flame Humidifier
    $45.99 List: $46.97
    Only 9 left
    Astronaut on the Moon Humidifier
    $74.95 List: $76.99

    Discover the power of moisture with Mounteen's extensive collection of humidifiers. Our range of humidifiers is designed to improve the air quality in your home or office, providing a healthier and more comfortable environment. Whether you're looking to combat dry skin, alleviate allergy symptoms, or simply want to create a more pleasant atmosphere, our humidifiers are the perfect solution.

    At Mounteen, we understand that everyone's needs are unique. That's why our collection of humidifiers includes a variety of models from diverse brands, each offering unique features and benefits. From ultrasonic to evaporative humidifiers, we have options to suit every space and budget. Our humidifiers are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, designed to blend seamlessly with your decor.

    Explore our collection of humidifiers and find the perfect device to enhance your indoor air quality. With Mounteen, you can breathe easier, sleep better, and live healthier. Our humidifiers are easy to use, energy-efficient, and quiet, ensuring you enjoy optimal comfort without any disruptions. Experience the difference a humidifier can make in your life with Mounteen.