Virtual Laser Keyboard
Virtual Laser Keyboard
Virtual Laser Keyboard
Virtual Laser Keyboard
Virtual Laser Keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboard

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No more time-consuming TV remote typing!

This Virtual Laser Keyboard is a cutting-edge device that projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface, allowing you to type with ease on your TV, smartphone or tablet, and pretty much any other device with a type prompt. Forget about long-typing your Netflix searches with a TV remote!

It utilizes advanced laser technology to project a bright and clear keyboard image, and features Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing with your device.

With this virtual keyboard, you can say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around a physical keyboard or clumsily keying things in with your remote, and enjoy the convenience of a full-size typing surface wherever you go.

It's perfect for home use, business professionals, writers, and anyone who wants to increase their typing speed and efficiency on the go.

What You Will Get

  • Easy typing anywhere, anytime! This keyboard makes your life so much easier by offering a portable and lightweight way to typing! Whether your fingers are too big for your phone keyboard or you've had enough remote control typing on a TV screen in your life, this device has your back!

  • Round keys with space in-between: Say goodbye to the cramped and cluttered layouts of current laser projection keyboards. With round keys and ample space in between, typing has never been more accurate and comfortable.

  • Intuitive layout: With the classic QWERTY layout, typing is as intuitive and comfortable as possible. No learning curve, no surprises, just pure typing heaven.

  • 5 brightness settings: With 5 different brightness levels to choose from, this keyboard is perfect for any lighting situation. Whether you're typing in a dimly lit coffee shop or a bright outdoor patio, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs and make it easy on your eyes.
  • Adjustable volume: For those who look at the keyboard when typing, this virtual laser keyboard has got you covered. With the ability to adjust the sound level, you can type away to your heart's content without having to constantly look at the screen to confirm if you pressed the button or not.

Product details

  • Adjustable key volume & brightness
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in battery (comes with Charging Cable)
  • Class II Laser Device, compliant with 21 CFR 1040.10, CFR 1040.11, EN 60825-1:2007

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Virtual Laser Keyboard Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
J Berry
Very Cool Laser Keyboard

I was kinda half expecting this to maybe not function, but hey it does! My desktop actually has thick vinyl on it, so it's not the optimal surface for this, but it still worked. It's also super great that you can alter the volume of beeps and luminosity of the keys. It just kind of takes some getting used to where some of the punctuation keys are, since there's an extra row for them, and there aren't any page up/down/home/end keys. I'm mostly satisfied with this and will continue to utilize it. And as much as I adore red, if any other shades come out at some point or it's possible for there to be a version where you can pick shades, I'm gonna be all over it haha

Chany Waters

Me agrado todo

Ryan GG
It’s awesome

So much better for my TV than typing away with a remote. It’s great from purchase until delivery was awesome

Zuzanna Jenkins
gamechanger? lifesaver? cool gadget?


Jordyn W.

This is a very innovative device that you can take any place. I keep one around as a backup keyboard.

Shaya Franklin

It's fantastic and I always get people looking wherever I put it out.


Cool tech


I love it at first try kinda of difficult to get the hang of it but really really cool and my father-in-law is now a fan.