Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lid

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Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lid

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Return policy: Eligible for Return, Refund or Replacement

Item(s) must be in new condition, not missing parts, tags, or instructions. Items must be postmarked within 60 days of their receipt by you

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Now you can turn your own plates, platters and other shallow dishes into vacuum storage food sealers with our Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lid! Keep your leftovers tasting as fresh and delicious as they did the day you made them by vacuum sealing them! 

The food sealer is easy to use: Simply place the cover over your food, making sure that it comes into contact with a clean, smooth surface on the plate, then press the top of the cover slightly, to create the vacuum seal! It's as simple as that!

With our Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lid, food can be kept fresh up to 3 times longer!

Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lid

Why You'll Love It

Your food will last longer and it's easy to see what you've got stored, so there's less waste. Lightweight and durable, the Food Cover Lid is BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwave safe, plus, they're stackable for easy storage.

  • Food Cover Lid: Aside from sealing leftovers on their original plates, the food sealer can also be used to seal in the freshness of fruits and vegetables that were bought in bulk to save both time and money.

  • Lunch Box To-Go: With these handy food covers, you can now transport your sealed foods anywhere, in a snap.

  • Food Warmer: As the vacuum insulates your food, it also helps keep the dishes warm.

  • Quick Marinator: The strong vacuum helps open the pores in vegetables, allowing for the infusion of flavors in a shorter span of time.

  • Space Saver: Stacking and storing multiple plates and bowls, without crushing your food, allows you to save valuable space in your refrigerator or cupboards.

    Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lids


    • Useful for lunches, picnics, and parties
    • Forms an airtight seal
    • Vacuum seal keeps food fresher up to three times longer
    • Microwave safe, refrigerator and freezer safe, dishwasher safe and BPA free
    • Dimensions: top diameter 5.9", bottom diameter 7.5", height 3"
    • Package includes: 1 x Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lid

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        Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lid Reviews

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 21 reviews
        Kailey Harvey

        Hey, these things work! They aren't going to make a *complete* vacuum, and you'll have to reset them every few days, and I don't expect it to last ten years, but they do fabulous at, for instance, keeping a fresh-baked loaf fresh, keeping cut fruit fresh, and I'm sure lots of other things I haven't tried yet. Compared to much more complicated devices as much higher prices (some of which I have in the back of the cabinet because they didn't work), this is a dream.

        Yasmine Morris

        I love these lids. They clamp down tight, hold their suction and keep the food hot.

        Candice White

        I recently used this dome for covering my bananas, just to keep the fruit flies from bombarding my kitchen. The additional benefit is that the bananas didn't get over ripe too fast while in this vacuum. I did have to reseal every couple of days because the bananas, as all fruit, give off gases and that removes the vacuum seal. Buy it, you'll like it.

        Hollie Khan

        Thie product is good for anyone with a kitchen - in other words, everyone. It goes in the dishwasher, fridge, microwave and freezer. I have several in different sizes and at least one is always in use. Love them.

        Ashley Edwards

        Excellent product

        Helena Williams

        The product works well - you can even use it on a pot, if you position it carefully. It is still limited in use because it is rigid, but I give it 5 stars instead of 4 because Mounteen has great customer service. They made an error on their offer page and said it was a set of two, and when I called their attention to this they sent a second piece, no charge. A good company to deal with

        Theresia Ferry

        This saves on using food storage containers or plastic wrap. What a great product. Works as expected. I am hesitant to use it in a microwave, but I tested it in a dishwasher with no problems.

        Sally Holmes

        keeps food warm on a plate