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Toilet Bowl Light

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Toilet Bowl Light

The Toilet Bowl Light is an excellent source of subdued light for your bathroom. It is perfect when you need to go to bathroom in the middle of the night and turning on the main light would literally hurt.

The light smoothly transitions between 8 beautiful colors every 4 seconds, but if you prefer it to be a certain shade, just press the button on its side to set a permanent color. Press the button again, and the colors will continue cycling.

Toilet Bowl Light

The toilet bowl light is fitted with a motion sensor, which is activated whenever motion is detected within 6 feet in the same room — it doesn’t “see” through walls. After no motion has been detected for half a minute, the sensor turns off the bowl light.

But that’s not all! This smart device also has an integrated ambient light sensor, which is an intellectual piece of technology that uses a photodetector to sense the amount of light in the room and turn on the bowl light only when it’s dark enough.

Toilet light instructions

The device runs on a set of 3 AAA batteries, which you will not change often unless you have got a big family, in which case expect to change them around once every week.

It uses an energy efficient LED technology as its light source, so it will also help you control energy use and even reduce your energy bill.

How to install a toilet bowl light

To install the toilet bowl light, just insert the batteries, shape the flexible plastic rod so that it follows the toilet rim, and simply snap it on. And that's it, so simple!

And what's great is that it doesn't prevent installation of other toilet fixtures, like a bidet, for instance.

The LED light is located at the end of this rod and is waterproof.

To clean the toilet bowl light simply wipe it with a wet wipe and then reinstall back on the rim.

You and your family will love your new toilet bowl light!


  • Protects your eyes from bright light at night
  • Convenient color control: Let it change freely or set a permanent color
  • Automatic motion sensor activation - detected any motion within a 6 feet range
  • Ambient light sensor turns on the bowl light only in poor ambient light conditions
  • Energy efficient LED technology will reduce your energy bill
  • Simple installation — just bend and snap!
  • Waterproof LED module and easy cleaning

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