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Magic Sticky Pads (10-Pack)

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Magic Sticky Pads

Do you like damaging your walls with nails each time you need to hang a piece of art or element of décor? Surely you don’t, no one does. So here’s something you will certainly love — Magic Sticky Pads!

These little sticky squares are perfect for sticking anything onto any surface. You can use them anywhere, from your kitchen or bathroom tile to your car interior, and that includes any wall, cabinet, drawer, or desk, wood, fiberglass, and even rugs. And all that without residue or unattractive holes!

Magic Sticky Pads

Do Magic Sticky Pads Work?

It’s obvious you can use them to hang light things like wall décor and posters, but what about heavier stuff? Like maybe a hammer?

Despite their slim looks, here’s an actual proof a pad can hold a real hammer! So yes, these gel pads are capable of holding heavy things too, and are pretty good at it!

Do Magic Sticky Pads Work?

So Easy To Use!

These Magic Sticky Pads are so easy to use and they will easily stick onto any surface. Should you wish so, feel free to cut them to any size you need. And then just peel off the protective layer, stick & grip! That simple!

These are absolutely perfect for hanging posters, decorations, cell phones, tablets, various holiday décor, and so many other things! You can also use them to easily clean upholstery and clothes off dust and pet hair.

Neither exposure to direct sunlight, nor high temperatures will harm these pads, so they will last for a long time!

Reusable Sticky Gel Pad

Key Features

EASY TO USE: Just peel off the protective layer from the pad and you’re ready to go! Then just stick the pad anywhere you want and hold firmly for 5-10 seconds for perfect grip. If you changed your mind, simply remove the pad and place it where you want.

HOLD ANYTHING: Individually, each pad can hold weight up to 5 lb (2 ¼ kg), supporting plenty of objects from cell phones to hand tools.

SIMPLE TO CLEAN: In order to use each pad multiple times, simply wash it in moderately warm water and let it air dry.

10-PACK: We will send you 10 high adhesive gel pads with individual peel-off protection, so even if you lose some you’ll still have plenty to use.

SLICK & TRANSPARENT DESIGN: These sticky pads leave no residue and can be safely removed with ZERO damage to the surface. (Be careful when removing from sheetrock.)

NOTE: Please avoid using these sticky pads with valuable or irreplaceable objects, especially for a long time. Do not use for vertically hanging objects weighing more than 1.1 lb (0.5 kg). Keep in mind that these pads do not work with silicone or rubber items.

Not intended for rough, granular, delicate, or oily surfaces.

How do you clean sticky gel pads?

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