Claws Garden Gloves
Claws Garden Gloves
Claws Garden Gloves
Claws Garden Gloves
Claws Garden Gloves
Claws Garden Gloves
Claws Garden Gloves

Claws Garden Gloves

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Gardening made easy with these specially-designed Claws Garden Gloves

This specialized pair of gardening gloves make the digging and turning of soil fast and easy, without the use of tools, while also protecting your hands. The integrated claws make it easy to dig into dirt and faster for you to transfer plants or start seedlings. Works wonderfully for picking fruits and holding thorny stems.

Claws Garden Gloves

Durable and flexible, these gloves are made of high-quality, rubber-latex material, to protect your hands from pricks and injuries caused by thorns, edges or even excessive moisture exposure. You can never be sure that the soil you're digging in has no sharp objects hidden underneath and digging in it with your bare hands isn't always safe.

These gloves are puncture resistant to protect your hands, and prevent cuts and blisters! With their claw-shaped design, they can dig through soil in no time at all, so planting or transferring your plants is a breeze.

The high-density plastic claws instantly replace traditional gardening tools such as hand trowels and rakes. Using these gloves, you can pick and harvest your fruits easily and hold your plants without fear, even if they're covered in thorns!

Garden Gloves with Claws

With the adjustable feature, these gloves will fit all hand sizes perfectly. They're comfortable to wear and allow your hands to breathe. They are also flexible enough for your hands to move freely in, thus enabling you to work in your garden more efficiently. Handle small objects like seeds and do weeding with no problems.

These gloves are waterproof and easy to wash and clean after use. Simply rinse clean, they don't hold dirt, leaving your hands dry, clean and protected.

With spring and gardening season right around the corner, the Claws Garden Gloves would make the perfect gift for the gardener in your life!

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Claws Garden Gloves Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Peter Woods

These gloves are a great help in the garden. Great for making small holes.

Jenn Owens

Fingernail saver and work very well!

Meghan Kertzmann

Perfect for softer soil and getting out chickweed! Tires the hands because new muscles being used but very helpful as tools!

Desiree Carroll

Exactly what was promised.

Devante West

Bought as a gift, they have been used a few times at this point. Very durable and great for gardening

Shaniya O'Keefe

These are great for my mom with her flower beds

Vincenza Lowe

I had purchased these for an amateur gardener, we couldn't be more pleased! They are durable, easy to use, and even if your hand doesn't fit perfectly they work well!

Aurelie Harris

Got this as a gift for my mom who loves to garden. She loves these for toiling the soil and planting new plants.