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    Horse With Bangs Necklace
    $23.95 List: $25.49
    Only 5 left
    Head-To-Head Horses Necklace
    $24.97 List: $25.99
    Only 4 left
    Bull's Head Necklace
    $18.95 List: $23.79
    Only 7 left
    Bull's Head Red Flat Necklace
    Only 4 left
    Loong Chinese Dragon Necklace
    $24.95 List: $25.95
    Chinese Dragon and Pearl Necklace
    $23.99 List: $24.99
    Only 7 left
    Horned Helmet Gothic Nordic Stainless Steel Necklace
    Only 4 left
    Snake Spooky Halloween Stainless Steel Necklace
    $23.97 List: $24.99
    Clenched Fist Nordic Stainless Steel Necklace
    $16.95 List: $19.99
    Skull In The Moon Spooky Gothic Halloween Stainless Steel Necklace
    $21.95 List: $22.49
    Gothic Ghost Mask Halloween Necklace
    $22.95 List: $23.49
    Only 4 left
    Nordic Running Wolf Necklace
    Only 9 left
    Nordic Vintage Wolf Head 316L Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace
    $17.99 List: $19.00
    Howling Wolf At Night Round Wood Necklace
    $13.99 List: $16.99
    Only 12 left
    Wolf Howling At Moon Round Wood Necklace
    Only 5 left

    Discover a world of elegance and style with Mounteen's collection of Necklaces and pendants. Our diverse range of brands offers a stunning selection of pieces that are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Whether you're looking for a statement pendant to complete your evening look or a delicate necklace for everyday wear, our collection has something to suit every style and occasion.

    Explore our Necklaces & Pendants collection and find a variety of designs, from classic to contemporary. Each piece in our collection is carefully selected for its quality and style, ensuring that you can find the perfect accessory to complement your wardrobe. From intricate pendant designs to simple, understated necklaces, our collection offers a wide range of options to choose from.

    At Mounteen, we believe in offering our customers the best selection of Necklaces & Pendants. We understand that every individual has their unique style, and our collection reflects this diversity. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or gemstone pieces, you'll find a necklace or pendant that speaks to your personal style. Shop with us today and elevate your accessory game with our stunning collection.