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  • The Complete Guide To 20 Amazing Gifts That Start With H

    by Gabrielle Toanone • Published in Gift Ideas & Inspiration on

    Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays – it seems like there is always a good reason to have a gift ready to go! If you’re looking for gifts that start with H for your next special occasion, then you’ll need some inspiration.

    We’ve created a list of all our favorite gifts that start with H. From silly gag gifts to the perfect Christmas present, you’ll find just what you’re looking for, so keep reading!

    Gifts That Start With H For Adults

    What gifts start with H?

    When starting your search for gift ideas that start with H, it helps to separate your potential options for gifts for kids and gifts for adults. These nine gift ideas are for the grownups – making them perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and even those special holidays like Valentine’s Day.

    #1 Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

    Deep Tissue Massager

    Sadly, we’re all getting a bit older every year, which means cracking bones, dry skin, and sore muscles. Luckily, we live during a time when all of these problems can be fixed – at least for a little while longer.

    A handheld deep tissue massager makes a great gift for athletes, exercise enthusiasts, or just a loved one who could use a little extra TLC.

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    #2 Heart Magnetic Bracelets For Couples

    Valentine’s Day is closer than you think – trust us, now is the time to start planning your gift. Don’t be the person who waits until the night before to grab a card and boxed chocolates from the grocery store.

    This pair of magnetic heart bracelets features two unique designs so you can show a token of your love – even if you plan on keeping it between the two of you.

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    #3 Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

    If there is one rule to live by when looking for a gift, it is: you can never go wrong with a cozy throw blanket. This chunky knit blanket just so happens to look as great as it feels.

    It comes in three sizes and seven colors, features a thick braid design, and is handmade! With so many options, it is impossible not to find the perfect match when shopping for a loved one.

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    #4 Healing Pink Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

    As you search for presents beginning with H, you can always count on a great piece of jewelry to make a great gift! If one of your friends or family members is into fun, witchy things, then they will definitely appreciate this rose quartz pendant necklace.

    Featuring a gorgeous quartz pendant on your choice of a gold or silver chain, this necklace will quickly become your recipient’s favorite piece.

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    #5 Himalayan Salt Lamp – Heart



    Himalayan salt lamps are much more than a light source that creates a relaxing atmosphere – they purify and detoxify the air! This lamp, in particular, is shaped like a heart, making it the perfect gift for a loved one.

    Many Himalayan salt lamps are big and bulky, but this one is about the size of an average night light, so it works well in spaces of all sizes.

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    #6 Handheld Body Massage Roller Ball



    If you have a fitness freak for whom you need this perfect gift, then look no further! This handheld body massage roller ball is an excellent companion for anyone who needs to alleviate muscle aches, pains, and soreness on the go!

    It’s easy to pack in a gym bag for after workouts or on a bedside table for a bit of extra relief in the mornings or before bed. It comes in four unique colors, offering the perfect level of personalization for your gift.

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    #7 Hidden Love Message Necklace

    There is more to this necklace than what meets the eye! This hidden message necklace projects the words “I love you” when illuminated with the light on a smartphone.

    This necklace is one of the most unique gifts you can give for a special birthday or anniversary. It offers countless customizable options, such as the color of the finish and the shape of the pendant, so you can find something that truly suits your recipient.

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    #8 Headache & Migraine Relief Cap

    Of all the gifts that start with the letter H on this list, this one may be the most helpful! Anyone who suffers from migraines or intense headaches knows how crippling they can be – especially if you have a busy day ahead of you.

    Give the gift of soothing relief with this headache and migraine cap. It’s made with a soft and breathable fabric to give the wearer full control over how they use it.

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    #9 Handmade Forever Rose Petal Teddy Bear

    This handmade rose petal teddy bear is another great option for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Flowers always make an excellent present, but sadly, they die. Fortunately, this teddy bear is made with synthetic flowers, so it lasts forever – just like your love!

    Choose from three gorgeous colors – red, pink, and white – to find a gift that is perfectly suited for your beloved.

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    Funny Gifts Beginning With H

    What are funny gifts that are useful?

    These presents beginning with H bring tons of laughter – so, we guess the “H” could be for haha. Forgive us for the cheesy joke, but these are silly gifts, after all. Take a look at the list below for a great selection of gifts for the next time you need a gift that comes with a smile.

    #10 Handmade Mermaid Snuggle Blanket

    While this gift is silly, it is also cute and comfy! This mermaid snuggle blanket is a fantastic gift for adults and kids. The best part of this blanket is that it completely covers the wearer’s feet – so no dreaded cold toes.

    Available in aqua, violet, or pink, this blanket lets your recipient embrace their inner mermaid while they relax with a good book or watch their favorite movie.

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    #11 Handmade Mythical Fantasy Friends

    If you’re looking for gifts that start with the letter H for someone who likes to spend a lot of time in their garden, then this is the one!

    Even though it features a funny little forest creature, these fantasy garden sculptures feature gorgeous designs and add a whimsical touch to any outdoor space.

    With four unique figures to choose from, the hardest part of giving this gift is determining which one to choose – of course, you could always opt for the entire set.

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    #12 Hippie Van Coffee Mug

    What makes a mug a funny gift? A retro 70’s inspired design usually does the trick! Anyone who appreciates the era of free love or vintage designs will get a kick out of these mugs that model those old-school hippie vans.

    So, why not give the gift of a little giggle with their morning coffee with our favorite hippie van coffee mug ?

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    #13 Hydro Dip Painting Water Art Paint Set

    From our list of gift ideas that start with H, this one is the best choice for kids or the artist in your life! This hydro dip painting water art paint set includes six vials of pigment, ten sheets of paper, two painting sticks, and a manual to teach your recipient how to best get in touch with their creative side.

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    Christmas Gifts Starting With H

    Why do we give Christmas gifts?

    Searching for presents beginning with H for Christmas is often a challenging task – especially when there are so many other things to do! Luckily, these seven gifts that start with H will help you quickly check those last few names off your list without compromising on giving a thoughtful present.

    #14 Hanging Moon Lamp

    Home décor is tricky to nail when it comes to holiday gift-giving. You won’t have to worry about missing the mark with this hanging moon lamp. Whether for a bedroom, living room, or home office, this lamp is sure to bring a relaxing and calming essence to any space.

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    #15 Hold Hands Couple Necklace

    Sometimes, Christmas gifts are for couples, and finding thoughtful gifts that start with H is challenging. Rather than give another gift card or home-related gift, why not opt for a simple piece of jewelry specifically designed for couples?

    These hand-holding couple necklaces come in gold and silver and feature a hand pendant on each one that interlocks with the other!

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    #16 Heat Resistant Double Walled Love Heart Mug

    This heart mug is a fantastic Christmas gift for coffee and tea enthusiasts! Help them up their morning beverage game with a gorgeous glass mug that features a beautiful design. This heart-shaped mug may be durable, but it gives off the perfect romantic vibe.

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    #17 Hanging Glass Teardrop Terrarium

    Of all the gift ideas that start with H on this list, this one may be the most funky and creative – which makes it a great gift for the quirky person in your life.

    This hanging teardrop terrarium is an adorable piece of home décor that can be shown off indoors or outside. Whether they want to fill it with plants or something completely different, this gift provides the perfect vessel.

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    #18 Handmade Sphere Spinner Ring



    Creative and unique pieces of jewelry make fantastic Christmas gifts. Whether for a child or an adult, this sphere spinner ring is sure to match their outfits and even provide a little relief for those prone to a bit of nervous energy.

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    #19 Himalayan Salt Lamp – Pyramid

    If the heart-shaped salt lamp showcased earlier in this list isn’t your cup of tea, this pyramid-shaped Himalayan salt lamp will definitely fit your taste.

    This lamp improves the quality of the air in your spaces, so it’s as functional as it is stylish!

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    #20 Handmade Baby Bird

    A little handmade gift is a great addition to any holiday gift! This baby bird statue showcases a Nordic design, making it perfect for rooms decorated in minimalist or Scandinavian styles.

    Choose from four unique designs, all crafted to mimic four different birds. If you have trouble choosing one, these baby bird statues come together flawlessly as a set.

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    How do you wrap a present?

    So there you have it – 20 incredible gifts that start with the letter H! While we love each and every single option on this list, we know you’ve already picked one for your next special occasion – let us know which one you’re most excited to give at your next holiday or event.

    Gifts That Start With H

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