Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster
Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster
Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster
Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster
Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster
Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster
Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster
Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster

Dust Bonnie - Under Appliance Duster

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Dust Bonnie Under Appliance Duster

This Under Appliance Duster is indeed the worst nightmare of any low lying dust you have in your home.

Moving furniture to clean under? With the Dust Bonnie, you will be able to reach even the narrowest gaps under low furniture without moving it an inch and between delicate objects such as louvers. The Dust Bonnie Duster will remove any low lying dust in your home – making it gleaming clean.

Remove the dust from under the washer, reach any cavity – all these things you couldn't have done before are possible now, with a little help of your Dust Bonnie.

Under Appliance Duster


  • No more dust in tight places – Our Dust Bonnie Under Appliance Duster easily makes it to places where your vacuum cleaner just won’t.
  • Expert dust removal – You wouldn’t believe how easy this thing picks up dust: It looks almost like the dust is magnetized to it thanks to its non-woven dust cloths!
  • Use it for every cleaning task – Use your Dust Bonnie to clean every place you couldn’t have reached before. Easily reach under or between your fridge, couch, furniture or bed. Clean anywhere where a regular vacuum cleaner is not enough.
Duster for narrow spaces

Get Your Home Clean Faster

    • Save time and health – Forget about pushing heavy furniture around! With its long 25-inch handle, you will reach any gap easily while moving nothing but your hand.
    • Makes your work easy – Our Dust Bonnie Duster is lightweight, flexible and very easy to use: Just wrap the dust cloth around the brush head and you're all set. Once finished, just throw it away. Once you use it, you will love it!
    • Save space – Done cleaning? Just take the brush out of the handle and stow them both away wherever you want safely and easily.
    • Ergonomic handle – The comfortable handle ensures maximum comfort & control during work.
    25.5 x 2.75 in / 65 x 7 cm
    High-quality ABS plastic, non-woven fabric
    Package includes 1 x Under Appliance Duster

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