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Mini Garden Pruner

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Mini Garden Pruner

The New Way To Prune And Deadhead Plants

The Mini Garden Pruner is a new garden pruning tool for professional and hobbyist gardeners.

Lightweight and convenient to use, it works by pinching, just as your fingers would. The blade piece provides a clean cut to the plant, while the design ensures your fingers & nails are protected.

Being quite a versatile gardening tool, the Mini Garden Pruner makes it extremely easy for you to deadhead, prune, pinch, and cut: blooms, greens, fruits, vegetables, and more!

The easy way to prune and deadhead plants

Is It Safe To Use The Mini Garden Pruner?

So how safe is this thumb pruner to use? As long as you use it according to the instructions above, it provides exceptional safety; way safer than any of your previous experience with regular gardening shears or other pruners.

The blade is located on the inner side of this mini pruner, which makes it one of the safest gardening tools ever!

Garden Pruning Tool

How To Prune With The Mini Garden Pruner

This handy garden pruner makes cutting, pruning and deadheading plants as easy, as pinching something with your fingers!

Just put it on your thumb and hold with the index finger, then pinch at the desired place and voila! A neat, accurate cut is done with minimum damage to the plant.

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