Side Sleeper Leg Pillow
Side Sleeper Leg Pillow
Side Sleeper Leg Pillow
Side Sleeper Leg Pillow
Side Sleeper Leg Pillow
Side Sleeper Leg Pillow
Side Sleeper Leg Pillow
Side Sleeper Leg Pillow
Side Sleeper Leg Pillow

Side Sleeper Leg Pillow

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Side Sleeper Leg Pillow

Which is your favorite side to sleep on?

Whether it's right or left, all you side sleepers out there will love this Side Sleeper Leg Pillow! It will make your sleep so much better and, most importantly, create better alignment in your spine.

And better alignment means better protection for your hips and knee joints while you sleep.

Just put your new Side Sleeper Leg Pillow between your knees – and enjoy the best sleep you've ever had!

Unlike traditional knee pillows, our Side Sleeper Leg Pillow features a true ergonomic design, while its soft curves and signature heart shape fit comfortably both men and women. You can use your pillow both between your knees and thighs.

Sleep Comfortably... All Night Long!

Put it in between your knees or thighs and enjoy high-quality, comfortable sleep all night long. And thanks to a strap it comes with, you can securely attach it to your leg so that it won't slip away.

  • Contoured design: The contoured design of our Side Sleeper Leg Pillow perfectly fits the curve of the human body and keeps your legs in a natural position during sleep.

  • Great for side sleepers: Whether you’re a side or a back sleeper, with this thigh pillow you can get that precious deep sleep that you have always wanted

  • Washable coverComes with a convenient removable and washable zippered cover

  • Premium materialsOur leg pillows are made of 100% hypoallergenic memory foam that takes the shape of your contours

  • Elastic strap: Holds the pillow securely between your legs and ensures a comfortable sleep all night long

Try our Side Sleeper Leg Pillow - and you will be amazed at how well it improves your sleeping comfort!

Product information

  • Filling: Premium Hypoallergenic Memory Foam

  • Material: Polyester / Cotton

  • Package contains: 1 x Side Sleeper Leg Pillow in a vacuum packed bag

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