Multi Reach PRO Dressing Stick -
Multi Reach PRO Dressing Stick -
Multi Reach PRO Dressing Stick -
Multi Reach PRO Dressing Stick -

Multi Reach Pro Dressing Stick

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Need Help?

It can be a problem.

Let’s face it: Everyone needs help sometimes. You may have a temporary muscle strain, back pain, or be recovering from surgery. There are many reasons why someone may have difficulty bending or a limited range of movement.

Such conditions make things like putting on and removing clothes or bending over to take off or put on your shoes much harder and sometimes even detrimental to your health.

Multi Reach PRO Dressing Stick

Do It The Safe Way

That’s why you need a safe way to handle such situations with grace and comfort.

Here’s where our Multi Reach Pro Dressing Stick steps in.

It makes putting your jacket and shoes on and off easier, enhancing your independence by reducing the need to stretch, bend, and reach.

It's so versatile it even allows you to take off your socks without bending!

Multi Reach PRO Dressing Stick

Protect Your Health While You Recover

The Multi Reach Pro Dressing Stick is a great aid for anyone who has arthritis, hip, knee or back pain, or is recovering from a medical condition, which can vary from a simple muscle strain to complex surgery.

What’s critically important though is that it protects your health while you’re recovering and prevents further injury by reducing movement of the injured structures.

Multi Reach PRO Dressing Stick

Getting Dressed & Picking Up Things Is No Longer A Problem

The Multi Reach Pro Dressing Stick has a multifunctional hook & thickened comfortable foam grip, while its other end is equipped with a shoehorn that allows you to easily slide any shoe size or style.

Your Multi Reach PRO spares you from having to bend over while taking off your shoes.

From picking up clothing off the floor to pulling any essentials in the drawer, you can conveniently use this handy dressing stick with a hook, which is also great for pulling zippers and shoelace loops.

It’s an essential tool for anyone who has difficulty bending, a limited range of movement, or the use of only one arm or hand.

Multi Reach Pro is lightweight and has a smooth finish that slides safely along your skin and will never damage the delicate fabric of your clothes.

It also has a durable shaft made of resilient plastic, which will flex if accidentally sat on or stepped on.

Multi Reach PRO Dressing Stick

9 Things Multi Reach Pro Will Help You With

  1. Putting on shirts and jackets
  2. Pulling up slacks or skirts
  3. Pulling zippers and shoelace loops
  4. Putting on and removing socks
  5. Grabbing hangers from high clothing rods in the closet
  6. Pulling pants over your feet without bending over
  7. Putting on and taking off shoes
  8. Picking up clothing or towels off the floor
  9. Reaching shoes or slippers from under the bed or sofa
Dimensions 24.8 x 5.1 x 1.2" / 63 x 13 x 3 cm
Weight 4.4 oz / 120 g

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