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Are you looking for a high quality natural Dry Brush to care after your skin and exfoliate dead cells while doing a home spa day?

This dry brush delivers an intensive exfoliating & purifying effect for your skin. Made with boar hair bristles, this body brush is ideal for using on dry skin with a few drops of oil to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote healthy, glowing skin.

Dry brush


  • For dry body brushing and exfoliation
  • Helps to stimulate skin microcirculation
  • Use as part of your body care routine
  • Ideal for regular exfoliation

This dry brush is an easy and convenient daily exfoliating tool. It helps to exfoliate, invigorate, and stimulate by brushing away dead cells to promote healthy glowing skin.

Dry brushing also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Made of natural boar hair, the bristles are firm yet flexible enough to contour to the body and provide superior, lasting results.

The handheld design provides for excellent hold and control.

Skin brushing directions


  • Use your dry brush prior to showering or bathing.
  • Starting at the ankles, brush upwards in a gentle, circular motion.
  • Follow with longer, smoother strokes.
  • When brushing your back, brush from the neck down towards the back of the ankles.
  • Once finished brushing, shower thoroughly to wash away dead skin cells and impurities.
  • Alternating temperatures in the shower between hot and cold will further invigorate and stimulate the skin.
  • After showering, apply moisturizer (sold separately).
  • Want to take your home spa experience to the next level? Try our collagen face mask!


  • Be cautious of softer and more sensitive skin around the chest.
  • Never brush over inflamed skin, sores, or sunburns.

So what are you waiting for? Order your dry brush now!

Body brush


  • Size: 4.8 x 2.6 inch / 122 x 65 mm
  • Material: wood, boar hair bristle

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Dry Brush Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Eden Koch

I am using it now for a couple of days and I am really happy with the bristle. It’s not too soft or too firm and the hairs don’t fall out. I can really recommend it.

Creola Robel

I started using this about two weeks ago. 1. I have not had any allergic reactions, but it made me nervous wondering what was in it that some people did get reactions 2. I have not lost hardly any bristles in the brush like some users. 3. My skin is definitely softer. 4. After using it my skin actually feels good, I get a nice flushed feeling. 5. If you have sensitive skin I do not suggest this brush at all. I do not use it on my abs/chest area, it is to rough, but for legs, arms and back it feels wonderful.

Pink Crooks

I've never used a dry brush before, but it was recommended by my doctor. I had a case of shingles that lasted for nearly six months, and left behind some extremely sensitive skin which would itch like made at the slightest touch. My doc said that using one would help desensitize it. I tried using it lightly and it would make the skin go crazy with itchiness. I tried even lighter and it was worse. I finally got mad and scrubbed the heck out the affected skin and it actually worked! I've been doing it that way every other day for about ten days and the itching has been reduced by about half or more. The hard scrubbing gives intense sensations - not really very pleasant - but it did help with the nerve damage caused by the shingles.I am not a doctor and cannot make any recommendation other than what is outlined in the directions, but just wanted to provide info on how it helped me. If you have just normal sensitive skin, it works fine with a fairly light touch like it is designed to.

Jody Mraz

Honestly I bought this by accident thinking it was a wet brush to use in the shower. At first I was upset & thought about returning it, how did I not see that it said "DRY" on the title- I've no idea. But, after my initial reaction, & being someone who often struggles with ingrown hairs, I decided to try this baby out. To my surprise this was a great buy. The hairs on the brush are not very soft & do leave your skin a bit red where you brushed, but not enough to hurt the skin, if anything it's carrying all the dead skin with it & in a lot of cases bringing out those ingrown hairs. This is great to do right before shaving/waxing. I highly recommend.

Halie Hartmann

This is the very first time I’ve dry brushed ever in my 41, so needless to say I was nervous and a bit scared it would hurt. After reading good reviews for this brush I went ahead and purchased. The brush was delivered today and I dry brushed before showering tonight... omg I am absolutely in love with dry brushing!! If I would’ve known dry brushing felt this good I would have started when I was 10! But in all seriousness it is amazing... so soothing in an invigorating kind of way. The bristles are firm enough to exfoliate, yet soft enough to thoroughly enjoy the process. Surprisingly enough I was able to apply quite a bit of pressure and it still felt so nice. I have very sensitive skin but the bristles were not irritating at all. This is an excellent value, and a great place to start if you are new to dry brushing. So happy I purchased!!

Abbigail Goyette

Using this dry brush on dry skin before taking a shower helps exfoliate dead skin cells. I use it at least 3 X week and I brush for approx 3 minutes. The acumulation of dead skin cells plus mineral based body lotions acumulate and can create small raised patches on the surface of the skin.Any form of dead-skin-cell exfolation is always good but I find using the dry brush is the most effective and beneficial. Brush upwards and toward the heart, improves circulation and excellent for lymphatic drainage.Happy Exfolation.

Cecilia Johnston

Lately I've noticed that my skin has been getting and feeling drier. I've tried many different creams and still it was dry. I decided to try this amazing little brush and boy was I surprised at how much dry skin it removed! I feel as if it has also helped with my circulation. After using I have a lovely tingling sensation in my skin. Very relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I highly recommend this product.

Ally Tillman

I know that people generally don't buy this product for itching, but my arms, legs, and back were itching like crazy for days. It's possible I had an allergic reaction to a body scrub I used a few days prior. Anyway, I bought a back scratcher and tried to use that to no avail. It didn't relieve the itch at all, and I was going crazy. In desperation, I ordered this and omg - it was amazing! The itch finally subsided and after a couple days of using the brush, it completely went away.I don't think it cured the issue necessarily, but it made the time in between so much more bearable. They should start marketing these as back scratchers because they're so much better than the wood ones or the stainless steel ones. They really scratch and invigorate your skin.Even though my itchy skin is better, I still use this just because it feels so good. My skin feels tingly and alive afterwards. It's the perfect amount of pressure.