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Instant Hair Volumizing Clips
Ariana Jarvis (United States)
Hair pro here

As a hair professional, I was a little skeptical at first but decided to order these anyway - if anything I could write an honest review that will probably help someone. Clips were shipped the same day and came 3 days later in a USPS bubble mailer. After trying them multiple times, I can honestly say that while these won't 10x your hair volume, they certainly will add volume and pump at the roots. I prefer to use them when the hair is still a little wet after washing and then use a blowdryer until it is completely dry. Just clip at the roots and enjoy added volume. 5 out of 5

Excellent clipper

Excellent clipper, don't forget to oil the blade every 2 to 3 uses.

Seamless Magic Wireless Lift Bra
Shopper A. (United States)
Very nice support bra

I really enjoy wearing the criss cross bra. The bra helps shape, and lifts my large breast. So far, I've been very happy with this bra.

Seamless Magic Wireless Lift Bra
Shopper A. (United States)
Best most comfortable bra

This is probably the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. I really like the support, and how the bra holds my breast in place. It's just a wonderful bra.

Lucky Mushroom Night Light
Jamie Crawford (United States)

Great night light for the kids room

Anti-Aging Eyelid Tape (100-Pack)
Lacey Lindsay (United States)
Instant lift

These are so easy to apply and give my eyelids an instant lift and a more youthful look! 5 starzzzz

Bracelet Bag
Kristy Henson (United States)
Just what I was looking for

Just what I was looking for - small and light purse for essentials!

Masterpiece Optical Drawing Board
Jake Flowers (United States)
Great for learning to draw

My son is learning to draw and this drawing board has been very helpful. He now spends hours at his new hobby and I can already see him getting better at it!

Instant Hair Volumizing Clips
Shawna Hutchinson (United States)
These clips pump it up!

I ordered these clips without really expecting much, and I need to say I was impressed with the end result! They won't make your hair healthier or anything, but they will make it look more voluminous and full at the roots. Great buy, I recommend.

Seamless Magic Wireless Lift Bra
Shopper A. (United States)
Very comfortable bra

I really do love wearing the criss cross bra. The comfort is great, plus the bra holds up my large breast. Sometimes I feel I'm not wearing a bra, that's comfortable. Very nice bra. I recommend it.

Love this tshirt! The print and quality are great!

Works as advertised, makes it easy to remove small pimples.

Genius invention!! Makes flipping pancakes, tofu, and other things an easy task!

We were looking for something like this to attract birds to the birdbath we bought last month. I'm not sure if we got more birds since, but those that have already been coming are definitely having fun with the shower - lovely to watch! It works throughout the day when the sun shines. Great device.

They don't leak air and the pump is of great quality. Great buy.

I've been wearing the criss cross bra for a while now. As a male, I started to grow female breast several years ago. My breast started to develop and felt uncomfortable and needed a bra for support. With all the shaking, jiggling, I felt relief wearing the criss cross bra. The lift held my breast up, and felt very comfortable. Men with boobs needs bras for support as well. This bra works good, even with large boobs. Thank you.

Perfect utensil for a small kitchen. Doesn't take much space and can be used to wash, grate, sieve and even boil.

So beautiful and exquisite

Barefoot Sticky Soles
Rachel Murphy

great for the beach, when you can never be sure if there is glass shards or anything else on the ground. these pads are easy to attach and provide good protection.

You can buy a similar one at Marshalls, but this is way better. More storage space, so it holds more stuff. Easy to rotate and clean.

Vegetable Roller
Olivia Baker

Easy to use and makes perfect rolls!

this spatula holder is convenient, easy to use and doesn't damage the pot material.

Got myself a beige one -- Feels great, looks great, veyr soft and stretchy.

great mask!! skin feels so much better, younger and rejuvenated after use!

Lift and shapes my cleavage and doesn't itch after