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Huieson Ping Pong Set

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Are you looking for a high-quality and reliable Ping Pong Set and having trouble making a decision as there are just too many options available?

Congratulations, because you've come to a place where your search is finally over!

Introducing Huieson Ping Pong Set

Huieson Ping pong paddles

Here are 9 reasons why Huieson Ping Pong Set is exactly what you need:

  1. 2 high quality ping pong paddles and 3 poly ping pong balls
  2. Non-flammable ABS plastic balls that are a tiny bit bigger than the old style 40mm celluloid balls
  3. Pure 7-ply basswood blades
  4. Comfortable "shakehand" grip
  5. Super convenient flared handles
  6. Ergonomic design for a great feel when striking the ball
  7. Red and black ping pong rubber with sponge layer is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation and creates the perfect spin and speed
  8. Pips-out rubber helps to deal with spin balls served by your opponent
  9. Huieson ping pon set is great for both beginners and seasoned pros!

And just if all that wasn't enough, Huieson ping pong set comes with a super convenient and handy portable bag for carrying your set around!

Huieson ping pong set 7 ply


  • Shakehand grip
  • Flared handles
  • Non-flammable ABS plastic
  • 40+ poly balls
  • 7-ply basswood blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • ITTF-approved pips-out rubber
High quality Huieson ping pong set


    • 2 ping pong paddles
    • 3 ping pong balls
    • Portable bag
    • Weight: 18.5±0.4 oz / 520±10 g

    Comfortable Huieson ping pong set

    Play Your Favorite Game Anywhere, Anytime!

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