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Neje Master 2 Laser Engraver
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NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver
NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver
NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver
NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver
NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver
NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver
NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver

NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver

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Return policy: Eligible for Return, Refund or Replacement


NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver

NEJE is a prominent and innovative brand that produces optical & mechanical engineering tools, and state-of-the-art software.

NEJE constantly strives to create more creative possibilities for their clients and bring their crafts & hobbies to a new level of excitement, fun, and innovation.

Master 2 Laser Engraver is the latest and most powerful CNC laser engraver from NEJE.

As NEJE's flagship product, Master 2 Laser Engraver boasts a huge array of features and supports a versatile range of production options.

Neje Master


  • Convenient: Off-line and APP Wireless Control. NEJE Scanner Wireless Transfer. Cloud Gallery and Online Gcode Makes Creation Easier.

  • Professional CNC software: Benbox, LaserGRBL. 6.69" x 6.69" (170mm x 170mm) Engraving area.

  • Operating system: Windows 7/10 / Android / iOS / macOS.

  • Safe to use: Built-in MEMS sensor protection; the machine will automatically halt operation when the sensor is touched.

  • NEJE Service: NEJE provides a 2-year warranty, and customer service for the entire product life cycle. If you have any questions about the NEJE Master 2 20W CNC Engraving Machine, please contact the customer support.

Neje Master 2 Laser Engraver


    • Model: NEJE Master 2 20W

    • Optical power: 450nm 5.5W

    • Control board: 2 x MCU + Wireless control + MEMS

    • Safety protection: MEMS

    • Working area: 6.69" x 6.69" (170mm x 170mm)

    • In pixels: 2266 x 2266px

    • Dot pitch: 0.0029" (0.075mm)

    • Software: NEJE App for Android, NEJE Wireless App for iOS/macOS, NEJE Software for Windows, Benbox, LaserGRBL with Firmware GRBL1.1f, LightBurn Software with Firmware GRBL1.1f. Note: LightBurn (paid software from LightBurn) supports Windows, macOS, and Linux

    • NEJE Software Upgrade Service: YES

    • NEJE Cloud Gallery: YES

    • NEJE Scanner Function: YES

    • Frame material: CNC Cutting Composite plate, aluminum alloy, acrylic

    • Supported materials: MDF, Balsa, Paper, Wood, Fabric, Plastic, Leather, Plywood, Foam Paper, Anodized Aluminum

    • Materials NOT supported: Metal, Glass, Stone, Ceramics, PCB, Stainless Steel, Reflective Material, Transparent Material

    • Continue working: Unlimited

    • Wavelength: 450nm

    • Beam color: Blue

    • Beam shape: Dot (Focusable)

    • Drive: Built-in

    • Lens material: D-ZK3

    • Heatsink material: Aircraft Aluminum + Brass Shell

    • Input voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

    • Output voltage: DC12V, 3A

    • Image format: .bmp, .jpg, .png, .nc, .dxf, etc.

    • Plug type: US, EU

    CNC Laser Engraver


      1. Always wear laser goggles during use and avoid direct eye and skin exposure to laser beam!

      2. Do not engrave on mirror surfaces. Beware of the risk of fire. Don't use near animals.

      3. Engraving produces smoke, only use with proper exhaust ventilation.

      4. For each laser module, the supplier provides a 1-Year Warranty. If you have a quality problem (except when the laser module has been used for more than 30 minutes at once, thus causing damage to it), please feel free to contact the customer support.

      5. If your laser module has any problem, please DO NOT dismantle it without contacting the support before. Dismantling the laser module will permanently damage it.

      6. If you're having a quality issue with the Laser Engraving Machine, please feel free to contact the support. Many issues can be resolved with a video and problem description provided by you. Thank you for your cooperation!

      Package includes

      • 1 x Master 2 Laser Engraving Machine
      • 1 x laser module
      • 4 x nuts
      • 1 x goggles
      • 1 x L-shaped wrench
      • 1 x USB cable
      • 1 x small wrench
      • 1 x 12V/2A power adapter
      • 1 x EU adapter
      • 1 x small wooden block
      • 1 x test paper

      Shipping & Returns

      • Shipping. Average delivery time is 7-14 business days depending on destination. Shipping Policy

      • Returns. Accepted in new and unused condition – no questions asked. Return Policy

      NEJE Master 2 Laser Engraver Reviews

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Brandon Kilmer

      I wanted to get my hands on one of these for a while now, and I was excited to finally receive the package last month as a birthday gift I made for myself! After playing around with this Neje thing for two weeks, I can say that it was certianly worth the price. May upgrade next year if they put out a new model. THANKS!

      Ben Owens

      There weren't any reviews when I ordered it but I watched a few YouTube videos with this Neje engraver before, so I knew what to expect of this machine. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of parts and I love the engraving quality.

      Gavin James

      Came undamaged, assembly took about an hour (had no experience with CNCs before!) Here's my first piece. Like it so much, thanks!